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DIY Dry Shampoo - Super Easy Haircare Recipe which takes two minutes!

Homemade Dry Shampoo has to be one of the easiest DIY Haircare recipes there is to make. Super useful for busy mornings where you want your hair to look it's best but you haven't got time to wash, dry and tame your locks!

Free from toxins, suitable for vegans and best of all a batch can last up to a year with ingredients that you probably have in your cupboard at home!


What you need; 

  • Storage Jar or Tub 
  • Applicator Brush for even distribution (I usually use a spare make up brush)
  • Arrowroot Powder or Cornstarch (yep, this is the kind you have in your cupboard to thicken gravy and sauces).
  • Bicarbonate Soda (often found in the baking section in the supermarket)
  • Cocoa Powder / Cinnamon (for coloured hair)

How to make your own Dry Shampoo; 

  1. Add equal parts of Arrowroot Powder or Cornstarch and Bicarbonate of Soda together (you can choose the amount but a good starting point is 3tbsp)
  2. Mix well 
  3. Add Cocoa Powder or Cinnamon (red or auburn hair) gradually to match the colour tones of your hair, this will help you avoid the white powdered look! 
  4. Shake well and you're good to go!

For best results, apply dry shampoo sparingly at the roots, leave for two minutes then brush well to distribute through hair. You can repeat the process with any patches of hair that need it.

Yep, it's as easy as that!

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Photo Credit: @Loren.Miche (Instagram)

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