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350ml Scarlet Red Stainless Steel Curvy Bottle
350ml Scarlet Red Stainless Steel Curvy Bottle

350ml Scarlet Red Stainless Steel Curvy Bottle

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This BPA free stainless steel bottle is vibrant and attractive, it is small enough to be used by children and is a super alternative to plastic drinking bottles or beakers.  

The capacity of these bottles is 350ml therefore light enough to be used as a travel bottle without weighing you down too much. Since they are made from stainless steel they are robust and are not going to break if dropped - making them ideal for kids. 

For each bottle sold, One Green Bottle removes 25 plastic bottles out of the ocean. 


Complete with an easy to drink spout top and an internal silicone straw (which can be removed if not preferred). The straw attaches to the sports spout cap removing the need to tip the bottle for drinking. The flip top spout prevents leakage and is easy to use by adults and children alike. 

We love 'One Green Bottles' as the retailer offers alternate and replacement lids and accessories meaning that the stainless steel bottom can adapt to individuals with age or activity and reduce the necessity to keep buying whole new bottles.

Each bottle also comes complete with a 12 month manufacturer warranty for extra piece of mind. 

How to use

It is recommended that the sports top is cleaned regularly with a straw cleaner, these are available here if you need to purchase one.

The bottles are Dishwasher safe (top shelf) but to maximise life span clean by hand with a soft brush.


Packaged in 100 % plastic free recyclable cardboard presentation box. 

Is it Vegan? 

Yes, it is suitable for Vegans and not tested on animals.


Volume 350ml/12oz  

Height inc cap 170mm  

Diameter 75mm

Weight 114g

Stainless steel 304 grade, no lining