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About Us


About Us 


Hello! I'm Rachael, and I founded Soul Good Stuff in December 2018 - we are a small family run business who genuinely believe there is a better way.


I live at home as a family of eight: me, my partner, my little boy, our rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier Roxy, our house rabbit Martha, our goldfish Sharky and two rescued terrapins, Ivan and Mimi.


When I had my little boy in 2017 my world changed – not only in a practical way (that part of it is obvious.... tiredness became a loyal friend!) but in a way where I knew I had to do more to protect the future of our children, our world and the animals within it. I wanted him to be able to enjoy the future as I had, and above anything else, I want him to know that we really tried. You might say that I had found my path in life.


We started researching, learning and making changes and still to this day we are constantly improving and growing where we can.


The Soul Good Stuff journey began when I realised that I couldn't buy a singular soap in my local supermarket that was not tested on animals, and living in a smallish town, products that are kind to animals and kind to our planet were not readily available.


My wonderful brother (and business partner) created a simple website for us to begin offering just a few cruelty free and planet friendly products and we had taken the leap. I am proud to say that we have already changed and grown a lot since then but I am passionate about continually improving to ensure we always strive to work in a better way.


We share our profits, promote good causes, and we would never sell products tested on animals.


Our ethos and my vision is still as vivid as the day I started and I know that with each person that buys from us we make a difference to the planet, to animals and to people no matter how big or small, which is amazing.


Our motto and my belief is that “small ripples of change can create giant waves when we all try” and I want to take this opportunity to give a HUGE thank you to each and every person that supports this dream with us.


Let's see how we can shape the future together.


Rachael x