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Video Blogs and Q&A's

Want to know more about living a sustainable life style? 

I know when I was starting out on an eco-friendly journey I had lots of questions about switching to alternative products which is why I have put some videos onto my website so you can browse through at your own pace. 

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1. Living a sustainable and eco-friendly life style - my top tips! 

Using what you already have and making the most of it, buying second-hand and sustainably, choosing sustainable products and avoiding greenwashing, reducing food waste, investing in products which last longer, considering what you use and tackling that first, making your own products, carbon offset schemes and planting trees.


2. Switching to Cloth Menstrual Pads - Q&A's. This is a guide perfect for those who are thinking of switching to Cloth, or those who are curious about how they work. 

  • Starting out using Cloth Menstrual Pads and the benefits. 
  • Absorbencies and thickness of pads. 
  • How to care for your cloth pads. 
  • Common Q&As. 

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3.Using Vegan Wax Food Wraps and how they work using our very own Wax Wraps for demonstration.

Switching to wax food wraps is not only for the planet, it has benefits for your health. Watch my video to find out more.

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4. The benefits of switching to a safety razor and my tips on how to use safely. 

Safety Razors are a great alternative to disposable razors if you want to save money, use less plastic and reduce bathroom waste. I really love mine! 

Key things to remember; Use a good quality shaving soap - it will protect your skin. Go very slowly and gently to begin with, taking special care around bumpy areas. Don't press or pull - let the weight of the razor do the work. Have wet skin before you start - wetting the skin softens hair and makes it easier to shave. 

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5. How to make your own DIY Natural Toilet Cleaning Fizz in under a minute using only five easy ingredients!

6. Using Natural Laundry Products.

Natural Laundry Products are great for you and great for the planet, here @HannahIwanEco takes a look at the different types available. 

You can find our Natural Laundry Products here: https://soulgoodstuff.com/collections/laundry