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8" Regular Cloth Menstrual Pad(s) - Tie Dye
8" Regular Cloth Menstrual Pad(s) - Tie Dye

8" Regular Cloth Menstrual Pad(s) - Tie Dye

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Cloth Menstrual Pads are kind to you and kind to the environment - washable and reusable they provide a fabulous alternative to disposable plastic based sanitary pads, tampons and incontinence pads which can be known to irritate your intimate area. Many disposable options are often full of unnecessary chemicals and go straight to landfill.


The washable pads we buy from Pretty Period are made in Lincolnshire, UK using jersey cotton, zorb fabric and are backed with a water resistant but breathable fleece. Pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the varying days of your cycle. Cloth pads are designed to last you for years to come meaning that they will also save you money in the long run.

Using reusable pads for periods are often said to reduce period pains, reduce the length of cycle and flow, and generally make your period a more comfortable time.

How to use

The width of these pads are 2.5" when snapped and are designed to be worn around good fitting underwear with the 'pretty' side up. The absorbent core extends all the way to the edges giving you more coverage and they do not bunch in the middle when worn.

Size and Absorbency

We understand that each woman is different and so is the requirement for protection, lots of women use different pads at different times. The variety of pads that we stock are as follows;

  • Liners - lightweight and designed for daily use, or days of light flow.
  • Regular Pads - designed for days of light/ medium flow and contain one layer of absorbent material.
  • Heavy Pads - designed for days of heavier flow or to be worn at night to give you extra protection, they have two layers of absorbent material
  • Super / Postpartum Pads - designed for super heavy flow or after childbirth, they have three layers of absorbent material.

The absorbent material used is called 'Zorb' and is carefully chosen for its ability to provide leakage protection - a single layer can hold ten times its own weight in liquid, meaning the super/maternity pads can hold upto thirty times their own weight.

The protection from washable pads is often over and above the protection provided by disposables whilst still allowing skin to breathe.

Care Instructions

It is advised to change a cloth sanitary pad as frequently as you usually would when wearing a disposable pad.

To clean, rinse in cold water until the pad runs clear. Use stain treatment if needed, and either pop in a bucket until end of cycle or pop them in a normal wash and dry ready to use again next time. As the there is no PUL (plastic) in the pads, they are safe to be dried in the tumble dryer if this is convenient.

Other Information

Pretty Period uses off cuts of materials from clothing manufacturers and other suppliers to effectively reuse waste material so each of our pads are limited edition and may not remain in stock for long, it may also mean that the print you receive differs slightly from the picture due to the cut of the fabric.

Check out the 'frequently asked questions' blog on Cloth Pads or get in touch if you have any questions about which pads/sizes might be right for you.