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Aloe Vera Natural Shaving Soap

Aloe Vera Natural Shaving Soap

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A rich and luxurious Aloe Vera soap made entirely from 100% natural ingredients using the traditional handmade cold process, better for your skin and better for the planet.


It is multi-purpose meaning that it can be used as a daily cleanser on your face and body to remove toxins, can be used as a hand soap to aid shaving, or can be used with a brush as part of a wet shave to create a rich lather.

Aloe vera is fantastic for sensitive skin, 100% natural, not tested on animals, no parabens, no SLS, only natural and ethically sourced ingredients.

How to use

For traditional wet shaving: Use a wet shave brush or hands, work into a rich lather with warm water and apply to the area you wish to shave. Proceed to shave with safety razor for a a close, smooth, clean and moisturising shave.

The soap will also create a lighter lather by rubbing in your hands. 


Each soap is hand cut so may differ slightly in shape. Packaged in 100% recyclable paper.

Is it Vegan? 

 Yes, it is vegan friendly and not tested on animals. 


Sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, aqua, sodium, castorate, kaolin (clay),  aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice.