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Biodegradable Bamboo Plasters - 'Coconut Panda Print'
Biodegradable Bamboo Plasters - 'Coconut Panda Print'

Biodegradable Bamboo Plasters - 'Coconut Panda Print'

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PATCH Plasters aid plastic free, gentle skin healing for even the most sensitive of skin types. 


Crafted with 100% organic bamboo fibres they will biodegrade once used making them ideal for those conscious about the environment.

The Plasters are hypoallergenic and are free from irritating chemicals, allowing for suitable protection and soft support for all skin types, even those who are usually irritated by 'conventional' plasters.

Made with soft organic bamboo fibre, the gauze is enriched with either Aloe Vera extract or Coconut Oil and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA). The clever and innovative PSA formulation is made from a combination of natural minerals and Nano technology (think tiny suction cups) to gently adhere to the skin without causing reactions - gentle, kind, plastic free and highly effective.

The 'Coconut Oil' plasters are great for sensitive skin and are decorated with a panda print which is appealing to kids (and adults!). 

How to use

Apply plaster to clean area of skin and press gently to stick.  


 Recyclable cardboard tube. Each plaster is hygienically sealed. 

Contains 25 plasters per tube. 

Is it Vegan? 

 Yes, this product is suitable for vegans.