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Offset 1 Tonne of Carbon Emissions

Offset 1 Tonne of Carbon Emissions

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A donation of £8 will offset 1 Tonne of Carbon Emissions via a Gold Standard Verified Scheme provided by 'Carbon Footprint'. 
A donation of £4 will offset 0.5 Tonnes of Carbon Emissions. 

The donation is used to invest in one of three community based schemes which provide a reduction in carbon emissions produced through inefficient cooking systems and the burning of fossil fuels - effectively helping people to help our planet.

The investment in such schemes improves the availability and access to cleaner, greener stoves which use renewable materials, improves air quality and reduces the carbon footprint of inefficient cooking appliances. 

By providing safer cooking equipment, this also has a direct impact on the health of women, children and families in impoverished areas and creates employment opportunities that would not otherwise have been accessed. 

You can read more about the community schemes in the 'Our Charity Partners' section on our homepage. 

The scheme is audited annually and managed by the Quality Assurance Standard a not for profit independent third part who check the scheme regularly and ensure all carbon offsets sold are retired on the appropriate carbon registries within 12 months of the sale being made.This is to ensure that the donations are being well spent and the carbon reduction benefits are being realised.