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Coconut Scourers - Twin Pack
Coconut Scourers - Twin Pack

Coconut Scourers - Twin Pack

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Eco-friendly and plastic-free twin-pack scourers made from sustainable and natural resources. Unlike many comparison products these are free from harmful chemicals and as they are made from natural coconut there is no micro-plastic to pollute our sea's and rivers.


Perfect for cleaning hard surfaces such as stoves, used pans and bath tubs - they easily cut through tough grease and dirt.

Made from naturally antibacterial, and sustainably farmed from coconut husk's (which is the outside of dried coconuts) they are 100% biodegradable so there is no long lasting impact on the planet at the end of their life. Perfect!

  • Safe on non-stick fry pans
  • Non Scratch
  • Great on hard surfaces and designed to get into hard to reach places
  • Highly durable
  • Easily removes mould
  • Naturally antibacterial through its use of natural coconut fibre
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable

    How to use

    Rinse then allow to dry when not in use. 


    Plastic free packaging.

    Is it Vegan? 

    Yes, it is suitable for Vegans.