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Dental Floss - Lemon
Dental Floss - Lemon
Dental Floss - Lemon
Dental Floss - Lemon

Dental Floss - Lemon

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This product is designed by Dentists, and is naturally good for your teeth, gums and breath, now without unnecessary plastic packaging.


Humble Brush Co. Dental Floss is strong and shred resistant, with a light coating of natural wax for improved performance. Natural Xylitol is used to encourage enamel remineralisation. 

How to use

Adding flossing into your daily oral care routine can greatly improve oral health and is recomended by Dentists. 


Floss is packaged in a cardboard box dispenser. 

Is it Vegan? 

 Yes, it is Vegan. 

Each purchase made from the Humble Brush Co. helps towards supporting the Humble Smile Foundation. The Humble Smile Foundation delivers professional and sustainable healthcare projects where they are most needed around the world.