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Dry and Shine Dishwasher Rinse Aid
Dry and Shine Dishwasher Rinse Aid

Dry and Shine Dishwasher Rinse Aid

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Ecozone Dishwasher Rinse Aid will ensure your dishes and glasses are left sparkling with every load. Made to be non-harmful to aquatic life, palm oil free and it is also certified by Allergy UK.


The natural ingredients in the formula help to clear any unwanted particles during the rinse cycle that may be left over after the dishwashing cycle has finished. However, ultimately using our Rinse Aid it will work to dry those dishes faster reducing water marks, smearing and streaking all without the need for harsh chemicals and extra scrubbing or buffing before or after hand.

  • Made in the UK
  • Quick dry action 
  • Sparkling glasses and dishware
  • Residue free formula 
  • Suitable for use with septic tanks
  • Plant based ingredients 

How to use

Fill up the rinse aid compartment on your dishwasher and load/wash as per manufacturers instructions. 


The bottle is made from 100% recyclable plastic. 

Is it Vegan? 

Yes, it is suitable for Vegans and not tested on animals.


500ml bottle.


Aqua, Citric Acid, Sodium Cumenesulfonate, PPG-5-Laureth-5, Sodium Citrate, Undecanol, Branched and Linear, Propoxylated, Ethoxylated.