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Love Hearts Gift Wrap
Love Hearts Gift Wrap

Love Hearts Gift Wrap

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This beautiful gift wrap is completely free from plastic, is made from low impact toxin free inks and recycled paper. Made in the UK and for each sheet sold, trees are planted.


  • Eco friendly
  • Free from foils, glitter and plastic 
  • Compostable 
  • Made with water based inks which are the easiest to recycle 
  • Can be recycled with household waste.


Each sheet of giftwrap is either 50cm x 1 metre or 50cm x 3 metres.

Rolls are available in 5 metres or 10 metres lengths, completely free from plastic with a paper sleeve.

Packaging and Materials

Recycled and compostable sleeve to keep the gift wrap together.

Made using 80% post consumer materials and 20% Kraft paper for strength.

Printed using water based eco friendly inks which is 100% recyclable.