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Mega Eco-friendly and Plastic Free Starter Bundle - My Favourites!
Mega Eco-friendly and Plastic Free Starter Bundle - My Favourites!
Mega Eco-friendly and Plastic Free Starter Bundle - My Favourites!

Mega Eco-friendly and Plastic Free Starter Bundle - My Favourites!

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Maybe you'd like to start reducing your impact on the planet by using less plastic and less single use products? Often this can save money in the long term and if you don't know where to start, see below;

I have put together a starter bundle of my favourite products, these are things I use and love at home - products I wouldn't be without! 

Choosing a starter bundle means you can get straight into reducing your plastic use without having to choose which products you might like using my own personal reviews as a guide! 

If you would like to switch an item from your kit - please let us know when you order and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Whats in the box?

  • Ecoegg Dryer Egg / or Laundry Egg - The Ecoegg Dryer Egg pack contains two dryer balls and two fragrance sticks. They work in the same way as dryer balls, speeding up the time it takes to dry clothes by up to 28% each time and they leave clothes feeling soft and smelling nice. Dryer Eggs were a later swap for me but I can definitely see the benefit of them and will be continuing to use them when I use the Dryer.
  • Reusable Bamboo Kitchen Roll - One of my favourite swaps and a great way to stop using disposable kitchen roll. Simply use, wash and reuse. Lint free and long lasting, ours are still going strong after 12 months of use! 
  • Twin Pack Washing Up Loofah - Ditch the plastic based sponges and use a loofah instead. Each loofah forms a soft flexible sponge like texture which lasts for up to 12 months and you can cut to your preferred size. 
  • Dish brush with replaceable head - A stainless steel and silicone handle with a replaceable wooden dish brush head meaning there is no need to replace the whole brush each time, simply replace the head, saving you money. Great for scrubbing, cleaning and we even have one for the toilet in our house. 
  • Antibacterial Ocean Saver Cleaning Pod - These have been a solid swap for us, easy plastic free cleaning without a hefty price tag. Simply pop the pod into an empty spray bottle with 750ml of water, shake and use! 
  • Safix Wash Pad - A trusty kitchen favourite! Home compostable, multi-use, none scratch and really effective at any task which requires a bit of hard work. Once they reach the end of their life you can pop them into your garden and they will break down to nothing. 
  • Ku.tis Natural Deodorant (Grapefruit and Mandarin/Bergamot and Sage) - Probably one of my favourite natural deodorants, keeps you smelling fresh, no plastic waste and no nasty ingredients to soak into your skin. 
  • Mint Sorcery Shampoo Bar - One of our best sellers and its super easy to see why, easy to use, no transition period, long lasting and suitable for all hair types. A really easy swap away from bottled shampoo. 
  • Environmental Bamboo Toothbrush - This is a favourite of mine as it is the most long lasting toothbrush I have used whilst being reasonably priced. 

More information on individual products are available by clicking the product name which will open a new window (you can also use the search function to find the products easily), or please feel free to drop us a message with any questions you have. 

Is the bundle suitable for Vegans?

Yes, all the products in the bundle are vegan friendly.