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None Sponge x 2
None Sponge x 2
None Sponge x 2
None Sponge x 2

None Sponge x 2

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This pack of 2 'None Sponges' are made from organic bamboo, cotton and are completely biodegradable unlike the disposable sponges alternatives which are destined straight for landfill. 

They have an attractive design on the top layer which will look great in your kitchen whilst being environmentally friendly to dispose of. 


  • 100% Plastic free.
  • Absorbent core meaning it behaves like a sponge.
  • Textured cotton layers which sandwich the bamboo core meaning gentle abrasion, great for dirty pots. 
  • Palm size shape ideal for dish washing. 
  • Made in the UK by an independent business. 

How to use

Wet the sponge cloth and use as you would any dish washing sponge. Wring out and allow to dry between uses. 


Can be washed and reused with normal wash load, allow to air dry. 


Plastic Free. 

Is it Vegan? 

Yes, they are suitable for Vegans 


Each sponge is approximately 11cm x 9cm