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Paper Snack and Sandwich Bags (48 bags)
Paper Snack and Sandwich Bags (48 bags)
Paper Snack and Sandwich Bags (48 bags)

Paper Snack and Sandwich Bags (48 bags)

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 'If You Care' Compostable Paper Snack and Sandwich Bags are made from unbleached totally chlorine-free paper which is not chemically treated and is free from toxins and paraffin wax. 


  • The bags create a natural toxin free barrier around food protecting it from the atmosphere reducing the requirement for plastic or unsustainable products.
  • The paper is made from Scandinavian Spruce Trees grown in forests which comply with the most rigorous environmental and social standards set and assessed by the The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
  • Carries certification to prove that waste sandwich bags can be composted at home meaning less waste to landfill. This is significant since organic matter in landfills creates methane - a powerful greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming.
  • No toxic glues or inks have been used in the manufacturing process.

    How to use

    Ideal for muffins, nuts, snacks, sandwiches that use mayonnaise, butter or oils. The bags are also suitable for microwave ovens.


    Comes in a plastic-free recycled cardboard box which can be further recycled.

    Is it Vegan? 

    Yes, they are suitable for Vegans and not tested on animals


    Pack size: 48 bags

    Bag dimensions: 19cm x 16.2cm x 5.7cm