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Wild Safety Razor with Blades and Travel Bag - White
Wild Safety Razor with Blades and Travel Bag - White

Wild Safety Razor with Blades and Travel Bag - White

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Metal safety razors are cleverly designed to be used over the face and the body, with a grooved edge made for a precision wet shave that’s not only clean but gentle on the skin. For instance, the long handle and textured grip allow for a safe shave in those hard to reach areas.

Unlike their plastic counterparts, stainless steel safety razors are incredibly easy to recycle. Remove the blade, wipe off the residue, and place it into the metal recycling alongside your food cans.


This stainless safety razor is unisex and can be used on all areas of the body, including the face, underarms and bikini areas.

  • Pack includes 1 razor, 5 blades, and a cotton bag.
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Recyclable eco-friendly card packaging
  • Plastic-free & Sustainable
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Eco friendly

How to use

To replace the blade, simply unscrew the handle of the razor to insert a new blade and then screw the handle back on.

Use the razor at a slight angle against skin being careful not to press too hard and being mindful of the contours of your body - the razors are naturally weighted and will therefore do the work for you.

It is advisable to start slowly whilst you get used to using a safety razor and always use a good quality shaving soap to help protect and nourish skin whilst shaving.  


Fully recyclable plastic free packaging. 

Is it Vegan? 

 Yes, it is vegan friendly.