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Ylang and Rose Himalyan Bath Salts
Ylang and Rose Himalyan Bath Salts

Ylang and Rose Himalyan Bath Salts

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Bath Salts are a natural way to unwind, relax and look after the body. 


Made with the sensual scent of Ylang and Rose, the natural Himalayan Salt Crystals help the body whilst the essential oils are known for their qualities in aiding sleep, helping anxiety and relaxing body and mind. 

Bath Salts with added oils will give your skin the extra moisture that it needs and create that ultimate aromatherapy bathing experience. This mineral rich Himalayan Salt is also infused with Coconut Oil and Rose Petals. 

How to Use

Simply add two/three teaspoons of the salts into a warm bath, relax for at least twenty minutes then wrap up warm and rest.


Each bag contains 500g and is presented in a fully recyclable pouch. 

Is it Vegan? 

Yes, it is suitable for Vegans and not tested on animals.